Sure as we did rise from ashes
Miracles are bound to happen
Nothing's writ without the hand,
We choose how this story ends...

We will! (Will we?) We will! (Will we?)

Sure as sun begot the people,
We comprise the Golden Temple,
Clear this waste to lay foundation,
Let its base be pure and earthen,
Strike a balance, troops disbanded,
Oil-spills vanish and the bees withstand it,
Salmon ceaselessly swim inward
And the ancient forests are resurrected!

We will! (Will we?) We will! (Will we?)

Now, I'll set aside melody and speak with you plainly, those left among us with ears that hears and eyes that see, those left among us who've not gone completely mad, who aren't afraid to mourne all that we have lost and are losing nor to dream new good old ways into being yet understand enacting our dreams and undoing our nightmares takes more than just singing and praying and fuck passively waiting and safely debating, if this epic ends well, it wont be due to victims nor to villains. So wake that lazy-ass super-hero within and let her know the place is earth, the time is now, and the Rising begins In five, four, three two...

And no one said it would be simple,
But the monks are laughing, and the energy is ample.
Nothing's writ without the hand,
We choose how this story ends.


from Mirror Fauna Presents: Liminalanimil, released March 13, 2013



all rights reserved


Mirror Fauna Twisp, Washington

Alas, the world did not end in 2012... so, in the basement of an old synagogue in Olympia, Washington, we lured the multi- dimensional, multi-pedal musical monster mother-lover out the chasm to sing siren song and lure brothers and sisters back to our roots and collective futures and long as the world does not end we will dedicate our hearts, art and action to earth revival. Long Live Our Mother! ... more

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