Time​-​tripping Alone in the Abyss

from by Mirror Fauna



Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night
And feel as if I've been catapulted into another universe
Where I see much better through the guise of verse.
My eyes dance naked behind their palpebral curtains
While my mind cowers from the irrefutable uncertainty
Lurking like a predator, just over there
Between apocalyptic dreams and
Utopic nightmares...

And finders keeper the grass is always greener and blood runs thicker than the loser's water.

Climbing into the void to mine the ore of prophecy
What was written on the wall my tools destroyed I could not see
That the future is a song the present plays
Om humming the All, Moon strumming the waves...
And my marionette is tapping her own feet
She's dancing to a rhythm be it awkward and discreet
Enslavement can have psychosomatic chains
I cut her strings last night yet the movements remain...

And finders keepers the grass is always greener and blood runs thicker than the losers water.

Time-tripping alone in the abyss.


from Mirror Fauna Presents: Liminalanimil, released March 13, 2013



all rights reserved


Mirror Fauna Twisp, Washington

Alas, the world did not end in 2012... so, in the basement of an old synagogue in Olympia, Washington, we lured the multi- dimensional, multi-pedal musical monster mother-lover out the chasm to sing siren song and lure brothers and sisters back to our roots and collective futures and long as the world does not end we will dedicate our hearts, art and action to earth revival. Long Live Our Mother! ... more

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