Mirror Fauna Presents: Liminalanimil

by Mirror Fauna

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released March 13, 2013

MIRROR FAUNA PRESENTS: LIMINALANIMIL- 2013 - Dub Narcotic Studio - Produced by Bob Schwenkler, mastered by Ephriam Nagler - Olympia, Washington

The Language and Music of the Wolves - 1971 - Tonsil Records 003 - Natural History Museum 003
Creative Commons Attribution 3.0
Stephan Schutze

Alexander Patrick - guitar, bass, vocals, percussion
Chelsea Rose - vocals, guitar, piano, percussion, flute
Genemichael Lauria - cello, guitar
Aaron Giua - drums
Scuff Acuff - washboard, mandolin
Brian Pfeifer - cello

Drew Clendening
James O'Keeffe
Daniel Cherniske
Leah Bee
Nick Favicchio



all rights reserved


Mirror Fauna Twisp, Washington

Alas, the world did not end in 2012... so, in the basement of an old synagogue in Olympia, Washington, we lured the multi- dimensional, multi-pedal musical monster mother-lover out the chasm to sing siren song and lure brothers and sisters back to our roots and collective futures and long as the world does not end we will dedicate our hearts, art and action to earth revival. Long Live Our Mother! ... more

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Track Name: In the Belly of the Beast
Well I've been swimming, low, low!
In the belly of the beast.
I've been scratching
at the belly of the beast.
I'm bellowing,
through the belly of the beast.
Low, low, low!

Well I've been surging,
In the throes of this sea.
I've been searching
for an out inside of me.
I'm refracting
through a light I can't see.
Low, low, low!

My eyes from the window,
My mind from that tepid glow,
My fears from the cast shadows.
My heart from the scene below,
My feet from the pull of sorrow,
And pride from the unknowable unknown.

Track Name: Time-tripping Alone in the Abyss
Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night
And feel as if I've been catapulted into another universe
Where I see much better through the guise of verse.
My eyes dance naked behind their palpebral curtains
While my mind cowers from the irrefutable uncertainty
Lurking like a predator, just over there
Between apocalyptic dreams and
Utopic nightmares...

And finders keeper the grass is always greener and blood runs thicker than the loser's water.

Climbing into the void to mine the ore of prophecy
What was written on the wall my tools destroyed I could not see
That the future is a song the present plays
Om humming the All, Moon strumming the waves...
And my marionette is tapping her own feet
She's dancing to a rhythm be it awkward and discreet
Enslavement can have psychosomatic chains
I cut her strings last night yet the movements remain...

And finders keepers the grass is always greener and blood runs thicker than the losers water.

Time-tripping alone in the abyss.
Track Name: Down in the Wooded Valley
There's still something to discover,
and it may be out in the Other
Seek and you will uncover
That which waiteth in your lover, or...
Under the unturned rock,
Not a book's cover,
Past the safety of sane,
Unseen shapes hover,
Down in the wooded valley dark do we venture?
Damned if we don't dare!
Maybe we'll meet monsters:
I've heard their nightly song,
Told it's a sad lament,
But they know something we don't,
Hymns wail with more torment!
Fear feeds the flat world, stones the fire bearer,
Crucifies christs and creates drones far scarier.

Our fathers and mothers built up this great tower,
From sweat, blood and tears, to nuclear power,
And the only thing clear from the vantage point given?
It's lonely being severed from the rest of god's children!
Track Name: The Rising
Singing trees comfort me,
Drowning out the sound of BART ripping through the ground
Singing trees comfort me, oh, singing trees comfort me...
I prefer to get around on my own two feet,
Impatient cars drive too close, startle my heart
And wary planes, though miles above do much the same, oh, wary planes do much the same...

We will rise
On the eve
Of demise
We will rise
On the eve
Of demise
And blood red skies
Will light
The night
On the eve when we

We don't want to see the light
Stripped out of our babies' eyes

We all want to see the light!
Track Name: We Will We?
Sure as we did rise from ashes
Miracles are bound to happen
Nothing's writ without the hand,
We choose how this story ends...

We will! (Will we?) We will! (Will we?)

Sure as sun begot the people,
We comprise the Golden Temple,
Clear this waste to lay foundation,
Let its base be pure and earthen,
Strike a balance, troops disbanded,
Oil-spills vanish and the bees withstand it,
Salmon ceaselessly swim inward
And the ancient forests are resurrected!

We will! (Will we?) We will! (Will we?)

Now, I'll set aside melody and speak with you plainly, those left among us with ears that hears and eyes that see, those left among us who've not gone completely mad, who aren't afraid to mourne all that we have lost and are losing nor to dream new good old ways into being yet understand enacting our dreams and undoing our nightmares takes more than just singing and praying and fuck passively waiting and safely debating, if this epic ends well, it wont be due to victims nor to villains. So wake that lazy-ass super-hero within and let her know the place is earth, the time is now, and the Rising begins In five, four, three two...

And no one said it would be simple,
But the monks are laughing, and the energy is ample.
Nothing's writ without the hand,
We choose how this story ends.
Track Name: Mama, I'm Coming Home
Mama, I am coming
Mama, I am coming home.
It's not like I'm running,
Though sure as hell my feet fly like they've never flown
It's more about this magnetic yearning
To express a love greater than I've ever known
Oh mama I'm coming,
Mama I'm coming home.

Mama, I am turning,
Mama, I am turning round,
Winter's the womb but soon you'll sense the birthing,
Fear not the tomb for what is lost will soon be found,
Baptize me in your sanguinal oceans
Plant me as seed in your epidermal ground
Mama, I am turning
Mama, I am turning round
Mama, I am coming
Mama, I am coming home
Mama, I am coming
Mama, I'm coming and I am not alone...

Brohters babies
Familial hum
Sets the spiders web a trembling
Like blood beats the drum that my heart might sing some
Pa rum pa pum pum!
Music makes the heart grow fonder
Shadowshapes soundscapes illuminated yonder
While the horizon I ponder
And homeless I wander
But mama I am coming....


Standing on the shore of a cumulus ocean,
We try to cypher our meteorigins like
Vichara Atma? Vichara Atma?
Gathering at the feet of the eternal mother,
We listen, she begins, a voice like none other
Vichara Atma? Vichara Atma?
Track Name: Amen(ds)
O, great four-legged kin
I come calling your sweet medicine
O, great mother earth
I beg forgiveness and re-worth

Hey ya hey hey! Hey ya hey hey!

O, great father sky
I jump that I might fly beyond the I
O, great two-legged one
Only so great as our giving done.

Hey ya hey hey! Hey ya hey hey!
Track Name: Fiinding God in a Burnt Down Forest in the Desert
Primped, painted, and prepared
Psychedelic day-glow mascot
Of christmas past, Of christmas past...
Wry and writhing
Your way through raves
Like it aint no thing, like its everything...

We're camping in the Mojave,
Over yonder, lightning!
We're sounding off into nothing,
Lo, an echo, coyotes howling!

God is a circle whose center's the fire
At whose circumference the dark does desire
God is a circle whose center's the fire
Of whom the curious do tarry and tire!

Beyond light and shadow
The sourceless shadow aint sleeping
The Joshua trees creakin
Critters a creepin
Owls a screechin
Wind ceaselessly sweeping
The tune La Llorona's weeping
Bout what one will believe in,
bout God and the Devil meeting,
Shadow and light dancing
And damned if they aren't laughing!

Like it aint no thing, like it's everything!
Track Name: Spark Ignited!
I swam in from the ocean,
Upstream towards the origin,
With the base of the mountain,
Calling out to my heart.
Though the journey be slow,
For I know not where to go
I'll search a lifetime for the mountains,
Calling out to my heart.

You know it to be the truth,
Ignited, a spark will never lose its meaning...

Give up on song to learn singing,
Give up on love to learn loving,
Give up on life to learn living,
For to arrive is to depart.
And if my body be cannon fodder,
Belly up before the slaughter,
Let it explode beneath the water,
For to arrive is to depart.
You know it to be the truth,
Ignited, a spark will never lose its meaning...

Brothers and sisters, sisters and brothers!
It began with an inhale
And it'll end with an exhale.
Brothers and sisters, sisters and brothers!
We're all born dreaming,
And we all die conceiving!

We! (We!) Swam! (Swam!) In! (In!) From the ocean! Up! (Up!) Stream! (Stream!) Towards! (Towards!) The origin!